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Valentines day Poem

Valentines day Poem

I wake up to the gorgeous thoughts

of your smile that never haunts

the way your hair flows in grace

you, I want to embrace

I see you from a distance

and my heart runs a mile 

I hug you and cannot resist

the tempting urge to smile

The redness start to run

right through and around my cheek

the blood runs through the veins

like a lovely flowing creek

I kiss you on the cheek

and embrace you one more time

the warm light of holding you

knows exactly when to shine

Our lips go to meet

and I lighten up inside

you and only you
is all that fills my mind

Our lips then touch

and the feelings go array

being kissed by an angel

I hope forever you’ll stay

I whisper in your ear

that I love you so much

and you respond back

with such an elegant touch

So happy Valentines day

you deserve all the best

my love for you is eternal

with you I have been blessed

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