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Valentines day Poem

Valentines day Poem

I wake up to the gorgeous thoughts

of your smile that never haunts

the way your hair flows in grace

you, I want to embrace

I see you from a distance

and my heart runs a mile 

I hug you and cannot resist

the tempting urge to smile

The redness start to run

right through and around my cheek

the blood runs through the veins

like a lovely flowing creek

I kiss you on the cheek

and embrace you one more time

the warm light of holding you

knows exactly when to shine

Our lips go to meet

and I lighten up inside

you and only you
is all that fills my mind

Our lips then touch

and the feelings go array

being kissed by an angel

I hope forever you’ll stay

I whisper in your ear

that I love you so much

and you respond back

with such an elegant touch

So happy Valentines day

you deserve all the best

my love for you is eternal

with you I have been blessed

Happy V - Day

"You know........... I love you"

But you mean more 

than love to me

You're my breath, 

my world, my creed.

You are in my every 

thought and deed.

You strengthen me 

when I'm in need.

For you are stronger 

than I can be.

You are my heart 

And without you 

I'd cease to be.

Life would be uncertainty

You are my True Love,

And always will be.

I will love you


Happy Valentines Day

I gave to you . . .

♥.♥ A cold wind blows, it puts a chill into her heart ♥.♥

♥.♥ You have taken away the trust ♥.♥

♥.♥ You're the ghost haunting through her heart ♥.♥

♥.♥ Past and present are one in her head ♥.♥

♥.♥ You're the ghost haunting through her heart ♥.♥

Take my hand as I wander through 

♥.♥ All of my life I gave to you ♥.♥

Take my hand as I wander through ♥.♥

♥.♥ All of my love I gave to you ♥.♥

New life from the ashes.

In sadness we find ourselves, even if we didn't know the 

gravity of looking. 

In this darkness we see all.

That at some fleeting moment we find hope and a new 


New life from the ashes.

Moving on, when we didn't think it possible.

Queen of death

Queen of death

The Queen of death-white winter enthroned

Evil resplendent, in dusk red seething skies

Foam-flecked nightmares drag a moon

Of Draconian design..

So close . . .


Close your eyes

Feel the ocean where passion lies

Silently the senses

Abandon all defences

A place between sleep and awake

End of innocence, unending masquerade

That's where I'll wait for you

Hold me near you

So close I sear you

Seeing, believing

Dreaming, deceiving

A place between sleep and awake

End of innocence, unending masquerade

That's where I'll wait for you

Sleepwalker seducing me

I dare to enter your ecstasy

Lay yourself now down to sleep

In my dreams you're mine to keep



♥ I'm never gone ♥

 I'm never gone  

 Put all your angels on the edge 

 Keep all the roses, I'm not dead 

 I left a thorn under your bed 

♥ I'm never gone ♥ 

 Go tell the world I'm still around 

♥ I didn't fly, I'm coming down 

 you are the wind, the only sound 

♥ Whisper to my heart ♥

♥ when hope is torn apart ♥

♥ And no one can save you ♥

 I walk alone 

 Every step I take 

 I walk alone 

♥ My winter storm ♥

♥ Holding me awake ♥

♥ It's never gone ♥

♥ When I walk alone ♥

 Go back to sleep forever more 

 Far from your fools and lock the door 

 They're all around and they'll make sure 

♥ You don't have to see ♥

♥ What I turned out to be ♥

♥ no one can help you ♥

♥ I walk alone ♥

♥ Every step I take ♥

♥ I walk alone ♥

 My winter storm 

 Holding me awake 

 It's never gone 

 When I walk alone 

♥ Waiting up in heaven ♥

♥ I was never far from you ♥

 Spinning down I felt your every move 

All is not lost


In each others arms

We cried together

And your tears tasted sweet

All is not lost

And never to be forgotten

Like a shiver down my spine

The lonely nights keep falling

And I still want you...

All is not lost

And never to be forgotten

She's passed away but dreaming

Her soul's awake and screaming

The weeping willow is weeping

And beneath our hearts

All joy is sleeping

Our bliss is carried away

Sweet tears


If It Was You

If It Was You 

I Clasp Her Dying Body To Bloody Mine

The Essential Nature Of Her Was So Fine

With Torn Garments She Lays In My Arms

Womanly Graces Laid Bare

No Dignity

Cast Aside Like Nothing At All

Torn Was She

Shot Down Snd Strewn On Wasteland

In Her Prime

Opened Up For The World To See

Oh, The Love Of Mine

No More Tears For Me Now

Lose All Fears For Me Now

Should I Seek Revenge Or Let It Lie?

Should I find the one and let him die?

I Wonder What You Would Do If It Were You

One Black, Furious Midnight

Through Howling Rain

I Descended Right Upon Him

My Weeping Prey

Kissing Him As His Life Ended

In The Rain

Sweet Was My Revenge

A Life For Life

I Feel No Remorse

The Night He Died

I Wonder What You Would Do If It Was You?

Can You Hear ?

War Drums Sounding, Can You Hear? 

That dance of war in the air. 

The Feet That Dance In Time 

That go round and round 

The Fire. 

Pounding Feet In Time 

war drums playing a song
Calling Warriors Far And Near. 

come one, come all to the 

Great War To Be. 

The Good And Evil There 

will gather to clash.
And The King Of Kings,
will utter a cry. 

A Feast, A Feast He Has 

prepared for the carrion 

Of The Air. 

Come Dine On Flesh Of 

kings, the rich, and poor.
On Men Of War, And 

on innocent blood. 

War Drums Are Beating 

and feet are dancing to
It's Sound. 

For the Great day of War 

Is Near. 

Can you not hear?

Dark Dream

+Dark Dream+

I heard the dogs howl in the moonlight night;

I went to the window to see the sight;

All the Dead that ever I knew

Going one by one and two by two.

On they pass, and on they pass;

Towns fellows all, from first to last;

Born in the moonlight of the lane,

Quench in the heavy shadow again.

Schoolmates,marching as when we play

At soldiers once—but now more staid;

Those were the strangest sight to me

Who were drown, I knew, in the awful sea.

Straight and handsome folk; bent and weak, too;

Some that I loved, and gasp'd to speak to;

Some but a day in their churchyard bed;

Some that I had not known were dead.

A long, long crowd—where each seem'd lonely,

Yet of them all there was one, one only,

Raised a head or look my way:

She linger'd a moment—she might not stay.

How long since I saw that fair pale face!

Ah! Mother dear! might I only place

My head on thy breast, a moment to rest,

While thy hand on my tearful cheek were prest!

On, on, a moving bridge they made

Across the moon-stream, from shade to shade,

Young and old, women and men;

Many long-forgot, but remember'd then.

And first there came a bitter laughter;

A sound of tears the moment after;

And then a music so lofty and gay,

That every morning, day by day,

I strive to recall it if I may.

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