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If It Was You

If It Was You 

I Clasp Her Dying Body To Bloody Mine

The Essential Nature Of Her Was So Fine

With Torn Garments She Lays In My Arms

Womanly Graces Laid Bare

No Dignity

Cast Aside Like Nothing At All

Torn Was She

Shot Down Snd Strewn On Wasteland

In Her Prime

Opened Up For The World To See

Oh, The Love Of Mine

No More Tears For Me Now

Lose All Fears For Me Now

Should I Seek Revenge Or Let It Lie?

Should I find the one and let him die?

I Wonder What You Would Do If It Were You

One Black, Furious Midnight

Through Howling Rain

I Descended Right Upon Him

My Weeping Prey

Kissing Him As His Life Ended

In The Rain

Sweet Was My Revenge

A Life For Life

I Feel No Remorse

The Night He Died

I Wonder What You Would Do If It Was You?

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