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♥ I'm never gone ♥

 I'm never gone  

 Put all your angels on the edge 

 Keep all the roses, I'm not dead 

 I left a thorn under your bed 

♥ I'm never gone ♥ 

 Go tell the world I'm still around 

♥ I didn't fly, I'm coming down 

 you are the wind, the only sound 

♥ Whisper to my heart ♥

♥ when hope is torn apart ♥

♥ And no one can save you ♥

 I walk alone 

 Every step I take 

 I walk alone 

♥ My winter storm ♥

♥ Holding me awake ♥

♥ It's never gone ♥

♥ When I walk alone ♥

 Go back to sleep forever more 

 Far from your fools and lock the door 

 They're all around and they'll make sure 

♥ You don't have to see ♥

♥ What I turned out to be ♥

♥ no one can help you ♥

♥ I walk alone ♥

♥ Every step I take ♥

♥ I walk alone ♥

 My winter storm 

 Holding me awake 

 It's never gone 

 When I walk alone 

♥ Waiting up in heaven ♥

♥ I was never far from you ♥

 Spinning down I felt your every move 

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