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I'm Sorry

i am sorry if i say many things i didn't mean

i am sorry for not being me every time you came

i am sorry for living a life is not mine

sorry for every word and moment of complain

sorry for destroying your life

you always kind but i was the out mind

sorry for making you mad every time you came around

i hope that you could hear my heart just for once

you would know how much wounds had left it scares

now you are gone i have no reason to survive

we burn,,we live,,we die

we burn,,we live,,we die

we can't stop the time

lost in our dream,,trapted in our deny

full of hate,,disturbing by faith

blinded by people we called them friends

...many directions to take,but all to hell it lead

i raised with pain,,growing by betrayed

in the corner of darkness i always stay

u sent me to a broken dreams,,no more pain i can take

destiny left me to my unhelpess humans begin

all what they want is trying to brake me bit by bit again

i can't see my reflaction anymore,,iam not fit to this world

no one can resolve my problems coz it's untake

feelings of a dead soul,,voice of demon in all place

i used to be sad and filthy

iam more than myself i still hadeel the darkness queen

Why I Love You . . .

Why I love you is a hard question to answer. I love you

 because you care for me like no one else I know. I love the

 way I feel in your arms, so safe from dangers in the world

. I love your eyes, so hypnotic and mesmerizing, beautiful to

 gaze into, and yet never revealing everything to me. I can

 explain every way that I love you because that,s in possible.

 But I can say I love you because I you are you

****for ma love****

Heart breaking Love Story

Two Lovers Decided to Broke up..

After Few Years When the Boy got

Married with Any Other Girl..

His X-Gf Approached him & said..

"How dare you to select my favourite

colour as your wedding theme?"

"How dare you to use my favourite

flowers as your decoration?"

"How dare you to Fix the date on

Which I proposed of your marriage

"How dare you to use our song in ur

Boy cried and replied..

"This is the only way I can pretend to

my heart that I am marrying you . . . . . .


when someone ignores you all the time be sure he cares about you a lot .......

Syvana Daemon

()..() Sylvan Daemon ()..()

Wont Be Bad

Some Drink Wont Be Bad

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 Black√ėut  Queen  

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